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You will learn the following techniques:


It all starts with a well-baked cake. You'll learn proper whipping and folding techniques, plus how to make a wide variety of fillings and icings. Once you've mastered those, you'll be able to transform different types of cake such as carrot, chiffon, pound, chocolate and white into cakes suitable for any occasion, including weddings and anniversaries.


<p><b> In Master Baking, you will learn the following:<b></p> <p> <li>Key essential baking techniques for cakes, including proper mixing, creaming and folding</li> <li>Preparation of baking pans, baking times, and cooling</li> <li>Layering, torting, filling and icing cakes</li> <li>Baking cakes ideal for decorating, including carrot, chiffon, pound and white cakes </li> <li>Creating fillings for decorated cakes, including Bavarian cream, lemon curd, and chocolate mousse</li> <li>Preparation of key icings to use on decorated cakes such as cream cheese, whipped toppings, French buttercream, chocolate and Swiss meringue, and poured ganache</li> </p> <p><span style="background-color: #FFFF00">This 3-day class will only be held at The Wilton School in Darien, IL (Chicagoland area). This is the only location that this class is available.</span> </p> <p>To register, select a class date below and click the <u>REGISTER FOR THIS CLASS</u> link, which will direct you to the Wilton School registration page.</p> <p><b>Tuition:<b> $450 | <b>Registration Fee: <b>$100</p> <p><b>Class Time:<b>9:00 AM-4:00 PM / September 22-24 session: Day 1 (1:00 PM-7:00 PM) Day 2&3 (9:00 AM-4:00 PM)</p> <p><b>Location:<b>The Wilton School, 7511 Lemont Rd, Darien, IL 60561</p> <p><b>Sessions:<b></p> <p> 01/26/2018 – 01/28/2018 <a href=""target="_blank">REGISTER FOR THIS CLASS</a><span style="background-color: #FFFF00"> 30% off this session! Use code: 30OFFJANMASTER on 11/24/17 only.</span></p> <p> 04/21/2018 – 04/23/2018 <a href=""target="_blank">REGISTER FOR THIS CLASS</a></p> <p> 06/01/2018 – 06/03/2018 <a href=""target="_blank">REGISTER FOR THIS CLASS</a></p> <p> 07/21/2018 – 07/23/2018 <a href=""target="_blank">REGISTER FOR THIS CLASS</a></p> <p> 08/17/2018 – 08/19/2018 <a href=""target="_blank">REGISTER FOR THIS CLASS</a></p> <p> 09/07/2018 – 09/09/2018 <a href=""target="_blank">REGISTER FOR THIS CLASS</a></p> <p> 11/02/2018 – 11/04/2018 <a href=""target="_blank">REGISTER FOR THIS CLASS</a></p> <p> <p><font size=”30”>Register for all 5 master classes and receive a 30% discount on tuition!</font></p> <p> <p>The 2018 Master Series Bundle includes: </p> <li>Master Piping</li> <li>Master Sugar Art</li> <li>Master Fondant</li> <li>Master Gum Paste</li> <li>Master Baking</li> <p> <p> <p>Tuition:<b> $1960| <b>Registration Fee: <b>$600</p> <p> <p>Check out the <a href=""target="_blank">Master Series Page</a> to learn more</p> <p> <p>Each student must register separately. Please do not purchase a class for multiple people under one account.</p> <p> <a href="">RETURN TO CLASS SEARCH</a></p> <p><b>This class is Intended For: Teens and Adults (must be at least 14 years old)</b></p>