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You will learn the following techniques:


Kids will take an imaginary excursion to France and learn how to make pâte à choux, pipe the pastry, fill it with vanilla pastry cream and then how to finish their eclairs with a chocolate glaze. This class is part of our Kids’ Passport Program, a six class series where kids can partake in a tasty adventure touring the sweet and savory flavors of different countries from Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico and Scotland. Kids can take just one of the classes or take them all! They'll receive a Wilton passport, and each time they complete a class we’ll stamp it. Once they’ve completed all six classes, they’ll get a surprise box full of baking and decorating supplies. Recipes and project supplies will be provided for each.


<p><b>France: Éclairs</b></p> <p><span style="background-color: #FFFF00">This class will only be held at The Wilton School in Darien, IL (Chicagoland area). This is the only location that this class is available.</span></p> <p>To register, select a class date below and click the <u>REGISTER FOR THIS CLASS</u> link, which will direct you to the Wilton School registration page.</p> <p><b>Tuition:<b> $50 | <b>Registration Fee: <b>$25</p> <p><b>Class time: <b>10:00 AM-3:00 PM</p> <p><b>Location: <b>The Wilton School, 7511 Lemont Rd, Darien, IL 60561</p> <p><b>Sessions: <b></p> <p>03/23/2019 <span data-toggle='modal' id='032319 onclick="GetID(,'')" data-target="#myModal_Birthday" style="text-decoration:underline;color:#2a6496;">REGISTER FOR THIS CLASS</span></p> <p> <p>Each student must register separately. Please do not purchase a class for multiple people under one account.</p> <p><a href="">RETURN TO CLASS SEARCH</a></p> <p/><p><b>This class is Intended For: Children (10 - 14 years)</b></p>